Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We the jury...find the defendant, a GEEK

There are days where i put my headphones in to listen to music (usually techno) while i code, but many times...i quickly take them back out.

Myself and 2 of the other programmers here sit in close proximity and all of us are slightly crazy. One of us isn't just crazy, he's "We the jury, find the defendant..." type of crazy.
-Quoted from Christopher Titus

At random times throughout the day, one of us will burst out with something completely random, and usually objectionable. Today, i'm sitting here coding and i hear my coworker making "beatbox" sounds with his mouth, then i hear:
"pschhhh te chhhhh wcki wcki WrapPanel"

The Silverlight Toolkit has a control in it called "WrapPanel" which we all have decided is fun to use. All day, presumingly anytime he saw the control name in his code, he would would break out into a geeky "rap" of some sort...which kept us laughing most of the day :)

Silverlight Toolkit: WrapPanel: "I’d like for us to talk about one of the new controls in the Silverlight Toolkit – WrapPanel.
In the following article we’ll deep dive into WrapPanel and see how it behaves in different situations."

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Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

LOL- love this story! I have similar scenarios with my coworkers, only more fashion/shopping related silliness.