Friday, March 29, 2013

Today...I was Jared!

"You know J...we lead a pretty good life!"
..i declared to my comrade in toil, sipping on my Caramel Frappuccino as we began this the day of our work and the end of our work week. 

I reflected upon that which lives in my memory of some places of employment i'd had in my youthful years where conversing with a co-worker whilst on the clock was strictly forbidden, and where beverages were prohibited from residing at our desks...lest they be water held in a seal-able container. 

A particular affair was a call center job where each worker was treated as if they were a lowly child who could not discern right from wrong, and deserved to be watched over with little to no freedom. It was degrading to say the least! 

Thus this tangent comes to fulfillment and my manner of speaking can return to that which is considered normal (you can blame my friend Lareesa for my choice to speak like this lol)

At my current place of employment, my coworkers and i have a spreadsheet we enter all of our lunch receipts into for when we get lunch for the group so as to keep the flow of money into lunch as equal as possible.

In reality, the "Turn To Fly" is amusing because it's a static value and never changes. We always tell J it's his time to fly ...and for a while he didn't know the value wasn't updated by the spreadsheet :) 

This brings me to the experience i had today that caused me to write up this post! 

Today i took a turn to go out and grab lunch, but J took a turn to buy. When i arrived at Arby's the cashier was super friendly and while waiting for the card to go through he glanced down at the name on the card. From then on, we were on a first name basis...I was Jared.

"Here you go Jared!"  he said to me, an authentically joyful voice. 

My original reaction was to correct him, but i felt that doing so may throw him off or squander his chipper mood, and i didn't want to be the one to knock him off his horse! 

"We'll have your order right out to your Jared!"
"Would you like any sauces Jared?"
"Here's your order Jared!"
"Have a fantastic day Jared!"

Instead, i chose to embrace it, "Thank you so much!" i replied with a smile!  I realized that it doesn't matter what he calls me or who he thinks i am, as long as i'm showing up as my authentic self and coming from the space of love in all my engagements whether they be as momentary as a single encounter purchase at a fast-food restaurant, or whether they be a long-term relationship with a family member or friend. Upon realizing this, i couldn't help but feel how true that statement is.

The love that you give out comes back ten-fold, and i know that what he got out of our short engagement with each-other was more than enough to make his job worth showing up to today.

Even when someone doesn't know you, or thinks you're someone else....JUST BE YOURSELF! And you will create the positive situations that you deserve to have in your life!