Thursday, April 29, 2010

My App Is Better Challenge By Microsoft

Good news to anyone who programs using Drupal, PHP, or Wordpress! Microsoft is holding a contest to win up to $10,000 in cash!

Go here to enter to win!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Believe You Have My Stapler..or Icons

Today was April 1st...but i forgot to plan ahead!

My co-worker Matt and I started brainstorming what pranks we could pull on our co-worker Jamal, since he wasn't into work yet. Now we've already been using pranks like flipping your screen, or covering the optical mouse hole, and stuff like that so we couldn't just bust something out that easy.

After a bit of thinking we came up with a plan and we began work.

Matt started making me some icons that were NSFW. Using UNC shares i got into his Desktop folder and hid all his icons. He should be thanking me for cleaning up all that clutter! I then placed links to sites that were borderline NSFW using these new icons, and one of them pointing to a text file that had a little April Fool's message from us.

Not completely satisfied with the prank, i used remote registry (i just happen to have the right passwords here) to make a few changes to his machine. Jamal had recently been telling us about CNN's breaking news that Ricky Martin was gay (which is in no way breaking news if it's something we all already knew) so we changed his background to Ricky Martin, and his screen saver to a slideshow of Ricky Martin pictures.

I then changed his screensaver timeout to 5 seconds, made it so his scrollwheel scrolls 100 lines instead of 4, increased the movement speed of his mouse, and decreased the amount of time it would take before your keyboard auto repeats a character when holding down the key!

All in all it was worth got him freaking out.

How did you guys get into my computer! Did i leave it unlocked? Did you watch me put in my password??

We all made a promise to in the upcoming year program into our company-wide programs an "April Fool's Day" clause. So we don't have to worry about it, it will do something (that won't hinder productivity of course) and we can come up with more drastic pranks for eachother ;D