Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Save a Programmer, Visit a Sponsor

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated yesterday in the first un-official "Visit a Sponsor Day"!  

Though Google's Adsense program is far from being able to compensate me for the cost of running the servers i have over the years for all of you, it definitely does take some stress off of my wallet! Your response was bigger than i had hoped for--So for that, i tip my hat to you!

For those who weren't online when i made the call to "Visit a Sponsor", here's the low-down. If you like the site, if you've ever used one of my servers in the past, if you've found the blog useful, informative, or amusing--Next time you visit the site, also visit that Google-assigned sponsor that you see in one of the Advertisements!

Why visit a Sponsor? You see ads everyday, you see commercials everyday. Of those you see, how many of those benefit someone you know directly just by you watching or visiting the sponsor? Sites that are "well off" usually won't put ads on their site, so if you see a site you use often with ads, you should support the site by supporting their sponsors.

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