Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Floor is Good Enough!

That's what she said.

Today, i received a spam email, encouraging me to get my carpet cleaned, that said:
"A dirty carpet is like a guilty conscience-it's always nagging you from the background, and it prevents you from eating off the floor in peace. "
This reminded me of something my mother always used to say when i would have come inspect my work of cleaning the bathroom. She would start by saying

"Is it mommy clean?"

I, of course, would nod my head and say yes to affirm that it was, hoping that that would be the end of it and i could go play. But then she'd ask

"Is the toilet seat clean enough that you would eat food off of it?"

.....I could NEVER answer yes to that question, no matter how hard i scrubbed. Even if the toilet was cleaned of all urine...bathroom cleaning products aren't necessarily known for their good tastes! Needless to say, my bathroom was incredibly clean on those nights.

It doesn't matter to me how much disinfectant i used, i don't think i would ever be okay eating off of the toilet seat. I would also not be okay, even after having a carpet cleaning, of setting food directly on the ground to eat it. In the event that it was dirty, i'd use a plate or paper-towel if i wanted to set my food down lol

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