Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Timing is Everything - YouTube Instant

I don't even dare to pronounce his last name.

Ferros Aboukhadijeh, the creator of YouTube Instant has accomplished what many of programmers are constantly striving for: Good timing.

How many times as a developer have you gotten an idea for a site or a program, and rather than working until it's add it to your list, buy the domain, and let it sit there? I know I've been guilty of that on many occasions, and as we speak my mind is rattling with a list of projects that are either halfway done, or yet to be completed.

I think of the many sites I've parked domains for, created the solution, and created a mock-up for; It's becoming a pretty hefty list. It's easy to my mind drift away with the many possibilities that await if i were to just sit down and actually do it. Seeing the success of one of my creations is worth than any revenue that can be made off of it, though the extra income is always a welcome perk.

But alas, like most of us, the list of projects on my "to-do list" continues to grow.

Think about how simple the idea was for YouTube Instant. The idea of instant search was fresh in everybody's mind from Google Instant's release, and i'm sure the idea struck many minds developer and marketer alike. The difference is...Ferros actually did it!  Kudos, and a big thumbs up to the many doors you've opened up for yourself by continuing to act, Ferros!

So Here's YOUR Call To Action!

Take those projects off the shelf, wipe off the dust and show the world how ingenious you really are! Don't let yourself be in the position to say
"Hey! I thought of that first....i just hadn't gotten around to doing it yet."

If the project is too big to handle, co-op with a friend (or if you're lacking developer friends come hang out on the Team of Programmers Chat and make a friend!).

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