Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quotes from the Coders 2010-09-08

 After watching my co-worker make multiple attempts at entering a password, make an observation and say
"You realize we don't have any users here called 'Administration'...right?"

Friends says
"wtf Youtube! directs me to watch a tutorial on Vmnetworking and under Youtube's other shows things like "Vmware this" & "Vmware that".
"and then, randomly...."How to breast-feed effectively".

Walking into a conversation at the wrong time.
"Codiality. Yanno, like beastiality...but where you love your code so much you'd have sex with it?"

...and another

"Well if Google doesn't have it, then it doesn't exist. So i'll have to reject your invitation to your 'Piddle Party' so i'm not the only one there." 
"Wtf? You actually looked it up?"

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