Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Takeover of "Cloud Nine"...or Whatever.

Last night, i reached 666 posts on twitter.  It's a milestone, yes i know! It was late, and i had noticed someone had started following me whom i didn't recognize.


 I noticed that under this person's newly followed people...i was at the top of 3 people that have "CloudyOne" in their name or description. Now I've used the name CloudyOne since i was 12, back when i was so cool...that i had 3 AOL separate dial-up accounts for my 3 phone lines at home. Back then, i was the ONLY one who was googleable with the name CloudyOne! So as far as i'm concerned, I'm the first CloudyOne and I'm the real CloudyOne The ladies dig my AOL CD collection

I've always felt like i should go around and reclaim my name so i don't get mixed in with some of the people who are playing the imposter to my name. There was some guy on some blog site a while back that wrote some poorly spelled and poorly written poems about how much he hated life. Then there was some girl in canada who was a really big movie...and cat...fanatic.
I don't want to be associated with cats!

So anyway, back to the milestone of 666 posts. This ampersand character, (you see what i did there?) had these other "CloudyOne"'s he was following. So i posted this:

"That's me!"

As you can see, my last name is Cloud, so i really do have a legitimate claim to the name!

Then this morning, i receive a message from my sister with a link to another impostor! Just look at the smug look on his face...

It's a cat! I guess it doesn't matter if i want to be associated with cats, it's already happening! Doomsday has come!

Yes, i realize that technically...the cat doesn't have my full nickname, but girls in high-school (after my aol cd collection, no doubt) used to call me "cloudy" as well, and some still do!

SO...If you are using my nickname, CloudyOne, start doing more prestigious things! Wake-up today and decide to be a little bit cooler!

...and if you're the person who adopted this cat, change her name so i can be selfish and keep Cloudy, and all it's derivatives to myself!


Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Awww... don't hate on Cloudy! She's a cutie and I wanted to be the one to adopt her so her name could be Cloudy Cloud.

What did this ampersand character have to say for himself though? Don't leave me hanging!

Also, your sisters and probably your brother were all nicknamed "Cloud" at one point in our lives as well... you're not the only one! ;)

CloudyOne said...

This is true..but that won't stop me from being selfish and trying to keep the name out of the hands of others!


Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I still love this post.