Friday, September 11, 2009

The Magician From The IT Department

For some of the applications we've develop here at work, we used 3rd party libraries. To save on costs for licensing these 3rd party libraries we've taken advantage of, we have a machine that is nobody's "main machine" but rather one that we VNC to when needing to make changes to those specific projects.

Our Systems department has a few "server rooms" scattered throughout our buildings. I use quotations because 80% of these computers aren't actually servers, but rather isolated desktop machines with no monitor sitting on a shelf somewhere. Yes I'm sure they know all about Server Virtualization, but we like to roleplay the ghetto here!

Well sometime between Wednesday around 2pm and Thursday around 7am, the server went offline. Being i as a lowly programmer do not have access to the server rooms directly, i called our Systems Department. As anyone in a big company would expect when calling the people who are supposed to make sure your machines are all up and running, nobody answered. Knowing we had people who were scheduled to be in, i walk over there and see one guy coming out of his office as i walked in his door (which means he ignored my call!). After getting several people involved, including he who tried to dodge my call, none of them knew where this machine was!

It is now friday, the weekend is here, and there is still no idea as to where the machine could be!

My guess??

"Hey we found this machine in that room over there, "capricorn", we need one, can we have it?"
 Systems Guy
"Sure, i dont know what it's used for! One sec..let me wipe the harddrive.."
**Harddrive Wipe Complete**

Random Manager
"Sweet! Thanks!!!!"

 "Hey..has either of you guys seen the capricorn machine?"

Manager & Systems Guy
"Nope, haven't seen it..."

I'm thinking conspiracy, on the grounds that we need a good conspiracy around here! I have no evidence, just a that departments history of "hmmm didn't think of that ahead of time..." situations. If by Monday it's not found, guess i get to request a new machine...hopefully it's faster :D

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