Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue Movie Nights

Living so far away from my girlfriend, Ashley, makes our date nights and movie nights a bit more unique than just the average night out on the town. Meeting and falling in love with someone who lives so far away from you is never something that you planned on. When you do fall in love, the distance no longer matters, you do whatever you can to feel close to each other until you are able to remove that distance.

With the use of today's technology we've been able to keep our relationship going strong while we work to fix this distance problem. Our main form of communication is nothing new, our cell phones. We both bought bluetooth headsets to allow us to be able to talk without having to stop our lives just to hear eachother's voice.

You remember your first time watching a movie with a person of the opposite sex? You're there sitting on apart from eachother, afraid to touch eachother because of how the other might react?

You're thinking "Maybe if i use the big fish story...what if she notices and defends against my moves, crap! I'll just put my hand right here and hope she grabs it..."

Well, Ashley and i will rent the same movie, and setup camp on the couch. We'll sync the movie up to within a second of eachother's and watch it together, listening over bluetooth, pausing together if someone needs to go do something or if the dvd is scratched. Every movie night is like our first date all over again! We can hear eachother's responses to the movie, but we just can't touch. The only "good side" to not being in person is she can't see when i cry because Tiny Tim dies! (too bad she has such good ears...)

Don't let distance keep you from spending time with the one you love! For the times you can't be together, there are still things you can do together! Its all about taking on life together as one!

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