Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Duckware Hunt

One the latest ways makers of spyware are trying to get you infected with their crap is by playing on your inner child. I'm sure many of you grew up playing Duck Hunt on the Nintendo and feel like you had become a pro at it.

The Being Alive facebook fan page has either been compromised or was created by someone with malicious intent. It's possible makers of the spyware created fanpages they knew would get "fans" then after they reached a certain amount they start advertising their spyware infected links.

It has recently been updating the fan page with links to a Duck Hunt game at requires you to install one of their .exe's to play their game which installs Trackware.Dogpile on your machine, as verified by Norton, and possibly other unwanted items of spyware. They lure you in by claiming you could win prizes and money and since everyone knows how to play Duck Hunt, everyone feels like they have a chance at winning!

So what's so wrong with a Search Toolbar like Dogpile? Well unlike most toolbars, this one isn't easily uninstallable. If you try to remove it, it hides itself and reinstalls itself. It tracks your searching on your computer and submits it to one of the makers servers.

Now if you're okay with all of this, go ahead and install their spyware on your machine. But realize if you have one unwanted malicious piece of software on your machine, there's a good chance that item could bring in friends!

If you want to play the game without risk of being infected, go to a reputable site, maybe one that uses flash for their game without need to install another program, like

This may not be the first facebook profile or fanpage that will be posting links like this so be warned!

Fan Pages that have been compromised:
Being Alive

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