Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thunder, Prayers, & Alot of Brake Lights

I did not wake up to my alarm today.

It's not that it didn't go off, and it's not that i slept through it, though to be quite honest with you, i fell asleep last night much to early! I was extremely tired, kept drifting in and out of sleep while talking to my better half on the phone. (It's nice to know that the girl of my dreams will talk to me before she goes into my dreams, and during the transition!).

God was bowling early this morning, and he sure was causing making all kinds of noise. The thunder woke me up, numerous times. I finally got up after it sounded like a bomb went off outside and the flash of light through my window finally made it seem like it was daytime. After taking a shower, i zombie'd around getting ready, and put on my suit. Ashley loves thunderstorms.

Driving through the downpour, utah was full of it's normal moron drivers. Driving scares them, randomly while driving, and they just decide to break...go a little and break again..all with nobody in front of them! If you were watching from an eagle eye perspective, I'm sure you couldn't help but laugh seeing me stuck behind two people going well under the posted speed limit. Patience is one of my better life skills and i'm very lucky to have it. My freeway entrance ramp to I-15 was closed. I decided to get on the ramp going the opposite direction, planning on getting off at the next exit and getting back on going in the direction i wanted to be going. Bad idea.

As i'm getting on the backtracked exit, i can easily see how wrong i was. Traffic was backed up all the way to where i was. Now i tried to think logically, and since my ramp was closed... i assumed there might be an accident, so i chose to rest in the left lane moving with the top and go traffic. 9:12am, just entered the freeway from the backtracked exit. 9:44, still not back past the exit i originally started from. Any other saturday morning, and this wouldn't really be a problem, however i had somewhere i need to be.

Today, was the funeral of my grandmother. My mother's husband's mother passed away this week, and things got handled quickly and this weekend was picked up the date for her day. 10:30am was the family prayer, and 11am was when the funeral started. Being it normally took ~60minutes to drive from my house to my destination, i had left at 9am giving me plenty of room for traffic...or so i thought! Construction was moving us from a 5 lane freeway down to a single lane freeway as it turned out, and i chose the wrong lane. I didn't get out of heavy traffic until 10:30am, having only made it 1 exit past my original location. It was at that point that i decided today was a good day to break the law.

My driving record is completely clean for the first time in my life since i began driving. I decided if there was any good excuse for speeding, this was it. Going around 100mph nearly the entire time, i began weaving in and out of traffic. Breaking all kinds of lane switching laws, driving in the carpool lane, even passing a carpool lane car on the left side in the lane that doesn't exist! I said a silent prayer that god would understand my intentions and make cops turn a blind eye to my speeding. I passed one cop, right after Centerville.

Now anybody who knows Centerville...knows there is close to no crime in Centerville and that the cops there have been known to fabricate that you've broken the law and try and convince you that you have!
I was going 100 when i first saw him, and only got down to 85ish before i passed by him. He didn't budge at all, God must have heart my prayers! I walked in with 1 minutes to spare before they began the funeral talks, I suppose i could have done without a few of my highly illegal maneuvers. Don't worry kids...on my way home, i followed every traffic law :)

Today wasn't all tears, it was mine and my baby's anniversary! I love this girl, and I'm glad she puts up with me and my geeky ways :) It's days like this that make me especially glad that i have her!

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Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I miss thunders/lighting storms. We dont have them here. glad you made it on time, wish i could have been there