Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Results 1 - 10 of about 29,400,000 for Shoes

If you search the word "Shoes" in google you get over 29 million results. Which is more than any other article of clothing or accessory. The closest article of clothing is the shirt with 23 million results. Not even jewelery has a higher search result!
So what's the world's fascination with shoes?

I myself only have 6 pairs of shoes, unless you count my 2 pairs of flip-flops. I have 2 pairs of dress shoes (1 brown & 1 black) and 2 pairs of DrMartens (for work, 1 brown & 1 black). I then have 1 pair of "skate shoes", which are really referred to as my comfortable shoes and 1 pair of basketball shoes, which i use for anytime i do something physical. 6 doesn't seem like alot, especially when you hear the function of each shoe.

My better half, Ashley, boasts 32 pairs of high heels alone! That's a pair of high heels for every day of the month with option to change shoes on a few of those days! I fully support her high heel "addiction", not only because that's what a good boyfriend would do, but because she looks sexy as hell in them. Though, it does make you wonder how many other pairs of shoes she has!

"My what a big shoe collection you have!"

"What better eat up my income with?"

So why are shoes the number one clothing item? Personally, i blame Disney. Even though it was Charles Perrault who first introduced the shoe as a Glass Slipper in his version of the fairytale Cinderella, it was Disney who made it an icon. They solidified the idea that a shoe that can change your life, even though real life changes are nearly as drastic. Why do you think so many girls, and even men, will go shopping for shoes when they're upset or unhappy with where their life is at?

Let's face it, no outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes to go with it! So next time that special someone in your life is unhappy and you're not sure what to do...take them shoe shopping! And if you need help knowing what shoes would look good with what...ask an expert **cough** Triplyksis **cough** ..wait who said that?


CloudyOne said...

Search results were done from's google search widget with SafeSearch on

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

LOL - love this!

Sounds like your lady needs to sign up for an account on ASAP!