Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making Wishes On Space Rocks

The world feels rather small when you're staring at the sky.

When the girl you love lives thousands of miles away, something like looking at stars can make you feel closer knowing that compared to the vast really aren't that far away.

10pm my time, midnight her time, we both went out of our respective houses and began looking for these meteors. I've never seen a meteor before and so i wasn't quite sure what i was looking for. Eventually i started seeing a few shooting stars here and there, and we decided those were what we were looking for.

Ashley is adorable. Enough said, she just is whether she's getting excited from seeing, or upset from not can't help but just want to hug her. It was the best thing in the world hearing her getting excited when she would see one! It was even better when we saw one at the same time, because there was a chance we were looking at the same one! :)

It was hard to get the best view because i was on my front yard in the grass and our streetlights were shining bright. My left view was obstructed by streetlights, my right view by the roof of my house. Ashley had trees blocking parts of her sky, but we were doing what we could with what we had! After having seen 5 meteors that looked like shooting stars, i saw a much bigger one go across my sky from north to south with a good size trail. As i was talking about how cool it was to see that one, a really bright one came from the south-east horizon and it looked like it was coming straight at me! It was a small dot of white to begin with then it got really bright and kept getting bright it; was lighting up that portion of the sky. Then the light started to fade and it disappeared.

I was so amazed i immediately jumped up, Ashley having to listen to my, I'm sure, garbled words as i failed to describe what i just saw. I went inside to tell my dad, his wife and her kids that they're missing out (they all were playing World of Warcraft at the time). I was able to convince one stepbrother to come out, and he did get to see a few smaller ones. Another stepbrother came out and replaced the other one (good to know they're interchangeable like that!) and we sat for a while waiting for more to show up.

Brian Regan says:
"Is this a good activity??"

I kept seeing small ones here and there, but Miles (the current step-in stepbrother), 8 years old, wasn't seeing them...even though he pretended to see them lol. After i finally was able to show him one, he knew what he was looking for, this was a first time experience for all of us (Ashley,Miles, and Myself). Miles and I started seeing some huge ones that would disappear behind our roof. Fearing we were missing the best part of the show, we walked to clear to the end of our neighborhood where there was only one street light, and laid down on the sidewalk on the corner. We could see almost the entier sky, and the occurrence of sighting was more than doubled!

Watching the meteors was great experience and i hope i get to do it again someday. The only thing that could have made it better, is if the distance between Ashley and I was reduced to nothing ;)

Cuddling while watching meteors? What could be better?

"Some days all i do is watch the sky..."

I made a wish on every single meteor i saw, each one was the same wish. Next time..i'll come prepared with a list of wishes to read off!

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