Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Survey Says... Windows Phone Not Boring

Windows Phones

Joe Wilcox of betanews asked readers “Are You Bored with
Your Windows Phone?”
in an article last week. The readers responded with a
resounding “No.”
Joe explains that he had heard a few comments about Windows
Phone users getting bored and since the UI is very similar to what will be
coming out in Windows 8, he wanted to know what to anticipate; would he end up
bored with his computer running Windows 8?

A week later and after over a hundred reader comments, Joe
Wilcox reports that no, Windows Phone is not boring. Many users came out of the
woodworks to let him know that they are not bored with their phone.

As a user of Windows Phone (HTC Radar) I can join my voice
to theirs and say, I am not bored of my Windows Phone. The fluid, easy to use
UI feels natural and amazing to use. The look and feel of it says new and
sleek, something that I crave in my technology. My old Android phone, as much
as I loved it was cluttered and slow to perform, I would spend hours setting up
an app or feature that was designed to save me a few seconds of a process that
was unreasonably convoluted. I can’t say much about iOS as I’ve never used it,
other than to fix my bosses phone, but Windows Simply put is still, after
several months of use, not boring, it is exciting and fun and keeps me wanting

Source: Zunited

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