Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HBO Go App Coming to XBOX on April 1st

HBO has announced that they plan on releasing HBO GO for XBOX on April 1st. HBO Go will be one of a long line of content providers working with Microsoft to provide digital media content on the XBOX.

XBOX has been redefining connected media on box top systems over the last few months with their onslaught of simultaneous media content provider releases. With each media content provider, it becomes more and more possible to leave the traditional TV service providers and use voice and gesture commands with the Kinect to quickly access all your favorite TV shows.

HBO GO is joining the likes of, Hulu, Netflix, Syfy, ESPN, YouTube, and many others to provide a wide variety of options for online streaming of TV shows via the XBOX.

The benefit to online streaming is that you can watch the shows whenever you have time and wherever you happen to be. No longer do you have to make sure you are on the couch in the front room at exactly 8:00 PST to watch your show. DVR and Tivo devices allow you to record shows and watch them at your convenience. However, recordings do take up space and you can only store so many, so once you fill up your hard drive, you must delete some shows which you will no longer have access to unless you manage to record some re-runs of that show. With online streaming, you get access to entire series of shows, without the necessity to record the shows first, and the access almost never goes away (as long as you keep paying for the service that is.) You can also access shows from almost anywhere; Hulu and Netflix are available on most internet TV devices, smart phones, and tablets.

Personally I only have one TV in my house and it has no antennas, cable lines, or satellites hooked up to it. The only thing it has connected is my XBOX. Between the XBOX and Netflix and Hulu on my laptop we can watch all our favorite shows whenever we want.

Is it possible for online TV streaming to replace traditional TV service providers? Do you watch more TV shows on your TV or do you use online services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus? Tell us below!

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