Friday, October 1, 2010

School of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, didn't get the full recognition he deserved after donating 100 million to the Newark, New Jersey school system. I have only one reason, the Mayor of Newark referred to Mark by the wrong name, Mark Zuckerman.

So how do you go about coming back from referring tom someone by the wrong name? Any guy who's called his girlfriend an ex-girlfriend's name will tell you that there is NO coming back! I, however, beg to differ (on both accounts really, but i'll only be explaining my proposal for the Zuckerberg situation).

Since alot of parents already treat the schooling system like a "free" babysitter, why not give the teachers better tools to keep the kids, who don't want to learn, busy? To makeup for calling Mark the wrong name, the Newark schools can give students uncapped access to Facebook! Okay okay, so not the best argument.
But wait! There's more!

So once facebook is widely accepted in the classroom of Newark schools, why not integrate it into the grading system? School Events? Student Body Elections?

Lets face it, the Newark Public School system's website is very ugly.

The color choices, the layout, the fonts...are all very displeasing to the eyes. And with it's non-interactive, "reference book"-like, approach to displaying their data....Facebook would be a welcome upgrade!

I'm sure my first notification in my mockup would instigate some anger in the child mental health activists. They'd complain that knowing how poorly they're doing in relation to their peers would cause them "mental anguish". I think it would help seperate the lazy cop-out ridden group from the hard-workers. Those who would end up going somewhere in life, would see it as competition and rise to the occasion.

I was browsing through the Facebook Apps Directory...and found a lack of school-based apps. Which means, developers, there's little competition! So...get coding!

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