Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reach For The Skyyyy...

Wanted to share a little tool with you that i found while making mock-ups for the new Team of Programmers layout.

You're mocking me, aren't you?

Oh no, no no no, no. - Buzz look, an alien!

Mocking Bird is a nice online tool that allows you to create quick & easy wireframe of your website or application!

Not only was it easy, but i can easily share my mockup!

This tool has saved me a lot of trees, so i thought it only justified i give it a bump ;)


VisionCloud said...

Cool, how does it compare to programs such as Sketchflow?

CloudyOne said...

Well it doesn't have nearly the amount of prototyping abilities that Sketchflow has, but for simple layouts and few scenarios it works nicely.

One of the big perks MockingBird has over Sketchflow is that it's free and accessible for wherever you have web.

Similar in function, but i'd use each program depending upon how big the project is and what kind of project it is!