Monday, May 17, 2010

A Scrooge For All Seasons

I've been running a few "social experiments" here at work in regards to a certain co-worker of mine, who will remain nameless. This individual always comes in looking super grumpy, and he'll usually ignore you unless he's taking an opportunity to insult you or making a snide comment in an attempt to slight you!

So recently, he forgot his key to the building and my other coworker, Matt, went to open the door for him. I observed as the door was open, and the scrooge walked right past Matt without so much as a smile, thanks, or nod. He acted as if the butler had finally reached the door after he'd been waiting for a while and he was irritated he even had to wait.

People are allowed to have bad days..right?

Well most mornings i'm usually the guy saying "Good morning!" or "Welcome to work!" to everyone who comes in, being i'm usually one of the first people in. Scrooge, as i so lovingly call him, usually doesn't respond. (Though sometimes it's because he's listening to his Zune)

Well, the following morning i decided to address him by name in the good morning i gave him, and he had no headphones in. His response was to glare at me, like i was evil for even insinuating that the morning was anything but horrible lol

Have a good day! already had plans to have a bad one. If you already bought the bullets and the ice-cream don't worry about it...

So the next day, i brought in a bag of kettle corn and dixie cups. After popping the bag, i went around and gave a cupful to everyone in the Systems department and Software Development department. Every single person said thanks, with the exception of 1 person. The Scrooge.

Now, He didn't reject my gift of sugary delightfulness. Without turning to look at me, or anything, he grabbed the cup and started eating it like it was a drink he was expecting the waiter to bring him. Even after the last handful of popcorn was eaten, and the cup was disposed of, not a single word was muttered! I was intrigued.

Good morning's came and went, not much changed. One day, he was complaining to somebody on the phone about how long it was going to take him to move some stuff from one location to another. After his phone call i told him that if he needed my help i'd be more than happy to help. Wrong wording i suppose because he retorted with "Not like you'll be of much help, i doubt you could lift a book".

Now i may not be the strongest of guys, but i can definitely lift my share of a load.

I withdrew my help.

The last incident, his Birthday. I knew his birthday was coming up because of his Facebook (hooray!?? facebook is taking over the world!). So i got into work about 15 minutes early, armed with posty-notes and decorated his office with "Happy Birthday!" written in block-letter'd posty-notes. When he got into work and saw my masterpiece, his words were far from surprising:

"Wow, someone had way too much time on their hands."

This was said in a voice that resonated with annoyance and bitterness. That mood followed him the entire day and he'd snap at anyone who was daring enough to wish him a happy birthday! How dare they!

I'm not sure why he's so unhappy, really. He's married, has kids, makes good money, accomplishes his goals, and he's not that old (30s maybe?). Well later that day, he ended up twisting his ankle going down the stairs. He didn't want wishes of a Happy i guess someone up there heard him :)

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CloudyOne said...

I don't know whether to be upset, or be glad! He waved when i said good morning today lol