Thursday, May 13, 2010

Insults Are Okay As Long As You Prefix With "With All Do Respect...."

Maybe i'm just on a binge recently, maybe i'm thinking differently, or maybe some of CNN's authors are really starting to lose their edge.

Today's headline "Some quitting Facebook as privacy concerns escalate". I assumed facebook had removed their privacy settings or something, so i went to go feed my curiosity.

I was instantly turned away from wanting to read the rest when i saw the first paragraph.

Concerns over Facebook's new privacy policy and the online social network's recent efforts to spread its information across the Web have led some of the site's faithful to delete their accounts -- or at least try to.

I'm sorry but, if they were the "site's faithful" they wouldn't be trying to delete their accounts. That would make them the UNFAITHFUL. If that's faithful, i'd hate to see those people in a marriage.

Furthermore, you enormous amounts of control over who sees what on your Facebook, as well as you have YOUR OWN restraint (or maybe you don't, that might be the problem) of what you actually put on your Facebook!

Perhaps the article could have more accurately described it as "some users who are unfamiliar with the security options they have available to them, or who don't know how to properly work the security features, have chosen to leave Facebook."

In defense of the people leaving, i think Facebook should have a few "security presets" to allow people to easily set as "MOST SECURE", or something of that nature. Though i don't think having an easy way to set your security is going to keep the majority of the people from leaving. But that would mean... they didn't leave because of the security *gasp*

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