Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Whatever you're looking for, you're going to find!

I know that the universe will always support me in whatever energy i'm putting out there! 

Whether i'm consciously creating to see that the plans of my life come to sure and perfect fulfillment, or whether i'm going unconscious leaving the door open for chaos.

So when people say things to me like "I'm not ready" or "I don't know if i have what it takes" there's a moment shortly after where i hear the silence says "And so it is".

They talk to be me about not being sure or clear about a choice they made and if it was the right one. They begin listing off all the reasons why they shouldn't have made that choice instead of trusting in their choice and looking at all the positive things that have come about as a result of that choice. 

If you're looking for a problem, you're going to find it. And any use of tools, talking with friends, or looking for signs in the world around you is all going to have the same result; You are going to find reasons to support your belief there there IS a problem. Until you shift your desired outcome.

If i'm engaging in life, moving forward, something comes up for me, in that very moment i have a choice. 
I can break down or i can break through.

If something happens and i get a thought or feeling that i'm not ready, i can choose to believe it and stop right there, potentially missing out on an opportunity. 

But what is ready?  My ego has long viewed my readiness as making sure that i'm making "the right choice"; That i'm right. 

One of my fears i held onto for most of my life was a fear of being wrong. So if i didn't have enough time to play out all the possibilities in my head, i would just choose out before it began because i couldn't be sure. Then i could be right about not being ready. 

Other times, i would choose in, and then some fear would creep up that i made the wrong decision, and instead of chancing that i might be wrong about continuing with that possibility, i would choose out. As a result things with that possibility wouldn't work out, but then i could be right about my decision to choose out.
100% of the chances i never take, never work out.

As a result of all the missed opportunities i experienced in my desire to be right and my fear of being wrong, i now choose to engage differently. 

When an opportunity arises, i never know how long that window of opportunity will be open. So in that moment i ask myself "Is this an opportunity that i'm willing to miss out on?". If the answer is no, then at that point the question of "am i ready?" or "or do i have what it takes?" doesn't matter, and i don't let ANYTHING get in the way.

I'm ready at the point that i choose to be ready.

I trust that as i play an active role in consciously creating my life that everything around me is going to support me in making my choice turn out for my highest good. And so it is!

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