Saturday, March 20, 2010

Volcano Insurance for Your Car

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with Volcano Insurance.

So i was coming out of the Carl's Jr near my work with my coworker, Jamal, after having received our food. As were getting in my car a woman (who looked mid 40's, who's clothes didnt match, and with her left shoe untied) attempted to ask us for help.

"Excuse me guys, my car ran out of gas. Do you guys have money i could use for gas?"

Now anybody who knows me, knows that i have a problem with running out of gas all the time. It happens ALOT, so i would be a good candidate for emphathizing with this women....right?

Well Jamal replies "Sorry i dont carry cash on me". Truth is...i rarely do either, and today was no exception, i had no cash on me. But..something didnt seem right so my reply was a little different.

"That sucks, where's your car?"

She replies, "Oh the tow truck took it to the shop"

"Why aren't you at the shop with your car?"

She says "Well my insurance only covered them towing my car, not me with it...thats what the tow truck guy said."

Yeah i have great dental insurance..but i have to provide my own office and tools for them to use.

So i decided to throw a curve ball "i carry a gas can in my trunk, ill take you there!" She says "Its way out west..."

"That's alright, i have time, hop in!"  Now, i didn't really have the time to do it because i was on my lunch break... but i was having too much fun!

She says "Uhh..i didnt want to go there until 6!"


I just smiled at her and she knew she was "caught" so she just turned around and walked into the Carl's Jr, cursing under her breath no doubt :P

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Pj.steph said...

This story is really awesome. Makes me miss when we all get together.