Monday, October 12, 2009

Abbreviation And Extension Pronounciation

When you're talking to a friend about a file you sent them, that was created using Microsoft Word, how do you refer to it? Do you say call it a "doc" file? A "dee-oh-see" file? Or a word document?

What about SQL? My co-workers and i held a discussion about which abbreviations and file extensions we pronounce in what ways. I've always said "ess-cue-el" and both of them have always used "sequel". I still disagree with them on which is right for SQL, but we all agree that .xaml files are called "ecksamel", and that .xml is "ex-em-el".

"Did you get that PDF file?"
 Now say the sentence above, but sounding it out as if PDF was a word. "Did you get that pedif file?". If you're not laughing or offended, you didn't say it right. Try again!

Yeah, we're pretty much going straight to hell. But hey, at least we did get a good laugh out of it, saying it over and over. It reminded me of that scene in Zoolander where Ben Stiller says "Uh, no, I don't think you do. Listen. It's not like we think we're actually in a control tower trying to reach outer space aliens or something, okay?" and Owen Wilson says "Hello. Hello." and they were all just kind of giggling. Yeah...that's what we were doing, saying it over and over and just laughing it up.

Here's a list of more abbreviations and how I pronounce them (Want to add to the list? Send me a message!):

.doc      dock
SQL     ess-cue-el
.pdf       pee-dee-eff
.txt        text
.xls        ex-el-ess
CNN    see-en-en
SNL     ess-en-el
.jpg       jay-peg
.bmp     bitmap
.png      ping
.gif        gif
.psd      pee-ess-dee
.exe      e-ex-e
.dll        dee-el-el
.ocx      oh-see-exe
.vox      vox
.cs        see-ess
.vb       vee-bee
LDS     el-dee-ess

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